Keynote Speaker

Readpeer: A System for Collaborative Annotation of Hospital Discharge Summaries

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Anthony Tung
Anthony Tung in an Associate Professor in Computer Science at National University of Singapore. With more than 150 publications and a h-index of 45, Prof. Tung’s experience spans from drug-target interaction to gene expression to social media.

Readpeer( is a collaborative document annotations system that support
1.      Adding of annotations to documents
2.      Auto transfer of annotations to similar documents of collaborators
3.      Auto enrichment of documents
Hospital discharge summaries are the primary documents communicating a patient’s care plan to the post-hospital care team. Information in a hospital discharge summary can include reason for hospitalization, significant findings, procedures and treatment provided, patient’s discharge condition and patient/family instructions. In this talk, we will look at how Readpeer is adapted to support human-computer cooperation in tagging drug and their adverse effects on hospital discharge summaries.  Various functionalities of Readpeer will be shown and their implementation explained.  This is joint work with Health Science Authority (HSA), Singapore.