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Accepted papers

  • Teryn Jones et al. An analysis of the relation between drug structure and side effect.
  • Kyungrin Noh et al. A systematic approach to identify therapeutic effects of natural products based on human metabolite information.
  • Ingoo Lee et al. Identification of drug-target interaction by a random walk with restart method on an interactome network.
  • Myeong-Sang Yu et al. In silico prediction of potential chemical reactions mediated by human enzymes.
  • Víctor Suárez-Paniagua et al. Evaluation of Pooling Operations in Convolutional Architectures for Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction.
  • Reilly Grant et al. Automatic Extraction of Informal Topics from Online Suicidal Ideation.
  • Shashank Gupta et al. Semi-Supervised Recurrent Neural Network for Adverse Drug Reaction Extraction.
  • Yousang Jo et al. COEXsim: A Network Similarity for Coexpression Network Analysis.
  • Keyuan Jiang et al. Classifying Personal Health Experience Tweets through Unsupervised Feature Learning and LTSM.


Accepted posters

  • Sungkyu Park et al. Mobile calling patterns are linked to young adults’ mental health.
  • Go Eun Heo et al. Identifying characteristics of Uncertainty with biomedical domain.
  • Juyoung An et al. Semantic Search System for Epidemic Diseases.
  • Keun Young Kang et al. Interpreting Metabolic Network by applying Layer analysis.
  • Yonghwan Kim et al. Relation Term Detection Model.
  • Munui Kim et al. Relation Extraction in the Biological Pathway using Node2vec.
  • Dong Li et al. QAS-OMICS: a biomedical question answering system based on omics datasets.
  • Chirag Nagpal et al. Semi-Supervised Prediction of Comorbid Rare Conditions from Medical Claims Data.
  • Vincent Stangenberger et al. Taxonomy extension using word embedding models.
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