Keynote DTMBio2018

Keynote: “New Trend in Therapeutics Research: Computational Biology for Identifying Novel Therapeutic Targets, Biomarkers and Drug Repositioning Opportunities”

Dr Namshik Han
Qualifications: LL.B, B.Eng, M.Eng, Ph.D
Current Position: Head of Computational Biology
Affiliation: Milner Therapeutics Institute, University of Cambridge

Dr Namshik Han is Head of Computational Biology group at the Milner Therapeutics Institute in University of Cambridge. He leads the research group at the Institute. The group perform large scale data analysis which will involve collation and analysis of data from a variety of sources including third-party data, in-house data and publicly generated datasets. The main aim of the group is to develop new computational methods fulfilling the global mission of identifying new or better therapies from the analysis of biological data. He had been educated in both Law and Computer Science for Undergraduate level and moved into Computational Biology for Master level. After his Master, he spent 3 years to participate in a software system development project at Telecommunication Research Center of Samsung Electronics. In September 2007, he then joined Bio-Health Informatics Group at School of Computer Science in University of Manchester for his PhD, where he developed machine-learning based approaches for modelling and visualising responses of gene regulatory network to perturbation. In August 2010, he got a Postdoctoral researcher position at Molecular Cancer Studies Group in Faculty of Life Sciences in University of Manchester. His role was developing computational methods to analyse the biomedical datasets. He then moved to Gurdon Institute of University of Cambridge on May 2013. As a Bioinformatics fellow, he got particular satisfaction from producing computational methods for investigating the gene regulatory mechanism and the complex issues presented within the human genetic and epigenetic studies. He then joined the Milner Therapeutics Institute to lead the group.