First Session

Dr. Saeed Shoaie

Dr. Saeed Shoaie is the group leader of Translational Systems Biology in the CHMI. He has been a BBSRC and EPSRC UKRI fellow since 2018 and the Deputy Lead of the MSc in Microbiome at King's College London.

He received his MSc and PhD degrees in Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering and in Systems and Synthetic Biology of Host-Microbiome Interactions, from Professor Jens Nielsen's Systems Biology lab at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He worked as a researcher at Novo Nordisk A/S and Steno Diabetic Center in Denmark, and Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden, before he was appointed as a Lecturer in Systems and Synthetic Biology at King's.

His research activities focus on analysing multi-omics data in different cohort studies with the aim of identifying biomarkers and novel treatment strategies for human diseases. He is also interested in the generation of genome-scale metabolic models for host and microbiome, using these models as a scaffold to analyse omics data with the objective to elucidate the host-microbiome interactions in different human disorders. 

His lab develop systems biology and bioinformatics tools that are a necessary component to perform integrated analysis and apply them in personalised medical research. He has also developed a mathematical platform that makes it possible to predict how different patients will respond to a modified diet, depending on the composition of each individual gut microbiome. This study has been published in Cell Metabolism and covered by more than 100 journals around the world. His research group are currently improving the approach in order to design a personalized diet regime based on the individual gut microbiome for early prevention of metabolic disorders. These studies will assist in the determination of what could take months of trial and error. This synthesis of modern tools and capacities with the ancient privilege of the doctor-patient relationship will provide personalised care.