TMBio 2006

ACM first International Workshop on Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics (TMBIO) November 10, 2006

ACM First International Workshop on Text Mining in Bioinformatics (TMBIO) 2006 November 10, 2006. In conjunction with ACM Fifteenth Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), November 6-11, 2006, Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, VA 22202 USA

A fundamental issue that biological researchers encounter today is how to make effective use of the enormous amount of biomedical data to improve their understanding of complex biological systems. The biomedical data repositories are formed from various ways such as bibliographic information from electronic medical journals, gene expression data from Microarray experiments, protein identification and quantification data from proteomics experiments, and genomic sequences gathered by the Human Genome Project. The ability to automatically and effectively extract, integrate, understand and make use of information embedded in such heterogeneous unstructured data remains a challenging task.

Topic of Interests

The relevant topics include the following (but not limited to):

  • Application and assessment of Text Mining (TM) algorithms,
  • Information extraction from biomedical literatures,
  • TM dealing with large and distributed biomedical data sets,
  • Entities extraction from unstructured biomedical data sets,
  • Improving and assessing data quality in TM,
  • Application of ontologies to biomedical domains,
  • Integration of Information Retrieval to TM in biomedical domains,
  • Case studies,
  • Evaluation methods for TM,
  • Information integration for TM,
  • Mining multi-relational data.

  • Goals and Intended Audience

    In order to build Text Mining systems that contribute to our understanding of biological systems, solutions to the above problems have to be assembled into efficient and scalable systems. The workshop aims at facilitating this process, and at enhancing the exchange of knowledge between computational biologists and knowledge discovery researchers. Accordingly, our intended audiences are both computational biologists and Text Mining researchers.

    A Special Journal Issue

    Expanded versions of the best accepted papers will be invited to appear in a special issue of International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics.

    Submission Guidelines

    Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, in PDF format and formatted using the ACM camera-ready templates available at

    A website with camera-ready instructions is available at

    Please send your submission electronically to at by the deadline listed below.